Technical and Operational Activities


Our 10 Million Standard Cubic Feet Per Day project was designed to reduce emission of greenhouse gases "GHG" (e.g., CO2 and methane) that contribute to climate change and that release particulates that cause acid rains that acidifies water bodies, destroys plants and forests, and accelerates the deterioration of buildings and other machinery.

Our project will also help reduce gas flares that contribute to health problems such as irregular heartbeat, acute leukaemia, aplastic anaemia, chronic bronchitis, painful breathing, aggravated asthma and premature mortality.

LNG Solution

- Includes 8.5 Mega Watts (8.5MW) Power Plant
- 8" x 6" connecting gas pipeline + 4" condensate line
- Two bay LNG truck loading skids
- LNG strorage tank and pumping system 100,000 gal x 6
- Trailer scales and operator kiosk
- LPG storage tanks and pumping system 50MT x 2
- Condensate tanks and piping 500 barrels/per day x 2
- Demineralized water supply system

Quality Standard

Our 10 MMSCFD plant is built to the highest standards of reliability and efficiency. We optimize deployment using functional piping flexibility, modular structure and installation on site. Our control system holds control logic equipment and instrumentation including PLC control and functional HMI design.

24 Truck Fleet

All of our 24 gas-fired trucks fleet are dedicated exclusively to the transportation of LNG by road to supply our offtakers and target customers. Our customer base includes industrial manufacturers; power generation and co-generation implementing thermal solutions providers; telecom infrastructure etc.