The Premier Clean Energy Provider

VTT LNG West Africa Limited is a privately held business corporate with investment and interest along the gas supply chain including gas processing, liquids production, onshore storage, distribution, liquefaction.

The VTT LNG business was principally set up to convert stranded flare gas as well as other associated and non-associated upstream gas supply using our unique high yield gas conversion technology, to useful input fuels, helping to support the development of the domestic gas market and infrastructure in Nigeria and expanding gas utilization, curbing gas flare, and providing solutions to standardize the gas value chain in line with global best practices.

We are determined to -
- reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)
- reduce consumption of diesel
- reduce gas flare
- reduce the requirement for FX for petroleum products importation
- reduce the dependence on less efficient fuel options for economic production

Our Vision

To be the premier gas and gas solutions provider in Nigeria and other target markets.

Our Mission

To connect domestic manufacturing, power and related fuel users to efficient and cost effective gas solutions.

Strategic Business Objectives

To increase the stakeholders (community, government, employees, shareholders) value through deploying a combination of technical, financial and managerial resources over a long term.